Nutrition and Food

Nutrition is an important aspect of a child's development and growth. Poor nutrition can lead to obesity and other health problems and has also been linked to mental health issues and poor grades in school. I believe it's important to offer well rounded meals and healthy snacks. I also strongly believe in family time and provide both breakfast and dinner in a family style atmosphere.

Breakfast is the start of our days so I feel it's important to not only provide good food but also a listening ear. During breakfast, I talk with the children about what they will be doing in school that day, what specials they have, and what they are and are not looking forward to. Dinner time is a good time to reflect on our days. During dinner, I take the opportunity to allow each child a minute or two to tell us about their days.

As part of the program, breakfast, an afternoon snack, and dinner is offered. Your child does not have to eat meals in the program and you may elect for only snacks when they are here.

**Please let me know about any food allergies your child may have. I have a lot of experience with most food allergies and can provide snacks and/or meals that are suitable for your child.