Daily Schedule

Before School

6am-7:30am Welcome, Check-in/Drop off

  • Quiet Free Time:

    • Reading, Coloring/Drawing, Homework, Board Games

7:30am-8am Breakfast / Snack

8am-8:05am Get ready for school, go to bus stop

After School

3:30pm-4pm Snack

4pm-4:30pm Outdoor Play (weather permitting) or Indoor Play (if bad weather)

  • Organized games / free play

4:30pm-5pm Homework / Reading

5pm-5:30pm Dinner / Snack

5:30pm-6:30pm Activity Time (activity changes daily)

  • Arts and Crafts project

  • Science Experiment

  • Cooking Lesson

  • Free Play

6:30pm Pick-up

**We will go outside with the children unless it is raining, snowing, or temperatures are too cold or too hot. In these circumstances, we will have Indoor play time instead.