Behavior Policy

Nicole's Before and After Clubhouse program uses Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) which focuses on prevention, praise, and rewards – not punishment. I believe that all children have the right to expect positive approaches to discipline, which foster self-esteem, respect, tolerance and self-control. Behaviors which injure people either emotionally or physically or damage property and are real problems for adults/staff and the other children must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Consistent behavior issues can result in a termination of services.

My goal is to promote self-discipline and accountability while reinforcing positive behaviors and discouraging the negative ones. I hope to help the children learn how to better socialize, get along with others, and solve problems between each other.

This is accomplished by:


I will praise and encourage the positive behaviors that follow the core ethical values of the Six Pillars of Character. See additional sheet about the Six Pillars of Character for more information.


I will set simple rules and enforce them by making sure the children know and understand the rules. I will also make sure parents and staff know and understand the rules.


If I find your child is displaying persistent inappropriate behavior, I will notify parents and schedule a time to talk about the behaviors. I will work with parents to find solutions that can be implemented in the program as well as at home. In extreme cases, to protect other children and staff, I reserve the right to exclude the child from activities temporarily. If the behavior persists even after interventions and strategies have been implemented, I reserve the right to terminate services permanently.

  • Aggressive or bullying behavior will be stopped immediately. This is to be done by explanation rather than personal blame.

  • Any behavior problems will be dealt with in a developmentally appropriate way. I will help the children understand unacceptable behaviors and that they are loved and valued even when their behavior and/or actions are not acceptable.

  • When necessary, will be outlined for the children and they will be encouraged them to think out solutions.

  • I will help children to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Threatening to use or the use of physical punishment is prohibited in the program.

  • Children will not be labeled as "good" or "bad" because labels can have undesirable long-term effects.

  • No unnecessary constraints or restrictions will be imposed on the children.